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How a Chiropractor Can Help Prevent Injuries From Occurring

You may not realize it, but you don’t have to suffer from back, neck, or other spinal pain to make an appointment with a chiropractor. Because chiropractic care focuses on the entire body and applies a holistic approach to health, you can schedule an appointment to enhance your current state of energy and wellness. A chiropractor takes everything into account when customizing a plan for such as past medical history, repetitive motions that you make at work or home, and what your goals are for the future of your health. If you want to reach an optimal level of health and keep injuries away, here are a few ways a chiropractor can help.

Improving Your Posture and Spinal Alignment

Whether you play sports and want to ensure you are at the top of your game or you have a history of back injuries in your family, improving your posture and spinal alignment can prevent unnecessary injuries from even occurring. The chiropractor will complete a physical exam and listen to your goals, and then identify any areas that could be troublesome in the future. Then the proper spinal alignment techniques are applied at the chosen frequency, whether it’s once a week, three times a month, or other timeframe.

Strengthening Your Body with Customized Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor uses individualized techniques and treatments to ensure your body gets stronger. The stronger your body becomes, the better it heals itself if an injury does occur. The purpose of visiting a chiropractor is to treat the whole body and not just cover up an issue. When the spine is properly aligned, your quality of life is improved and you have full range of motion. Even as you age, you can continue to live at the optimal level of health when you involve a chiropractor.

Nutrition and Wellness Guidance>

Beyond keeping your spine aligned, your body strong, and providing you with a customized plan to enhance your current health and wellness, a chiropractor also offers sound advice on nutrition and wellness. When your body gets the proper nutrients and a balanced diet, then your overall health improves from your spine to your bones to your skin. When you have a chiropractor in your corner that puts your health first, then your chances for avoiding injuries and recovering quickly from them if they do occur is much better.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Chiropractor

When you’re looking for the right chiropractor, where do you start? It’s not uncommon for a first time chiropractic patient to feel overwhelmed in trying to pick the right chiropractor. Below you’ll find a handful of tips you can use to help you decide on the best chiropractor for you.

Use a Chiropractor Directory to Find Local Chiropractors

Depending on the size of your city, you may be able to find a directory of local chiropractors. Although this resource won’t be entirely comprehensive of all the available chiropractors in the area, it can be a great place to start in helping you locate chiropractors in the area who can help.

Review Their Website

Once you identify a few chiropractors in your area, review their website and see what they offer, what their values are, what kind of personality they have. It’s important to feel like you can call on them when you need help and that they’ll be friendly and welcoming when you do.

Does the Information on Their Website Demonstrate Professionalism?

As you’re reviewing their website, does their website demonstrate professionalism and expertise in their field? Are they knowledgeable about chiropractic processes, practices and information? You want to work with a chiropractor and team that is not only welcoming and friendly but also professional and highly educated and trained.

Do They Have Any Reviews and Testimonials?

Sometimes a practice will provide reviews and testimonials on their website. This can be a good place to get a feel for what their patients think of them. It’s also worth taking a look at outside sources that provide reviews of the practice. You don’t always want to base your decision on good or bad reviews, but it’s always worth taking in additional perspectives to help you make the most informed decision.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Recommendations

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a trustworthy, reliable, and experienced chiropractic firm. Chances are someone in your family or social circle knows a chiropractor that can be of help and that they’ve trusted for years.

If you have an idea about individual chiropractor options in the area, you can ask your friends and family if they’ve had any experience with them.

Contact us today at Smiley Chiropractic to learn more about chiropractors and we’ll help you determine if we’re a good fit for you.

How a Chiropractor Can Help After a Personal Injury

Going through a personal injury is a difficult time for everyone involved. There is a lot to focus on, but your health should always be the main concern. Chiropractic care has helped countless people overcome injuries that are associated with auto accidents, back issues, neck injuries, and much more. If you’ve ever wondered how a chiropractor can help after a personal injury has occurred, here are a few ways.

Chiropractors Address the Underlying Problems

After going through a personal injury, you may seek traditional medical care only to discover that the issue is only being covered by heavy medication and surgery is recommended. Chiropractic care considers surgery to be a last option and chiropractors address the underlying issues rather than simply trying to cover them up. After a personal injury, getting to the root of the problem can help resolve the issue permanently as well as maintain health going forward.

Chiropractic Care Focuses on Spinal Issues

Chiropractic care focuses on the spine and how it affects other parts of your body, including healing from an injury. They correct these issues with spinal adjustments rather than medication, and treatment times vary depending on the severity of the injury. Even if you feel that the personal injury is affecting your legs or neck, it can still be the result of nerve and spinal problems. After completing a physical examination, the chiropractor can detect the spinal issue and then work to correct it.

Overall Wellness Is a Priority

When you get chiropractic care, they’ll help be focused on the primary injury, but they will also make your overall wellness a priority. Even after the personal injury is resolved, you can continue to work with a chiropractor to prevent future issues with your back, neck, and overall health. Take the time to learn more about how chiropractic care can help you after a personal injury by scheduling a consultation. 

5 Major Reasons to Go To a Chiropractor


Many people tend to put going to a chiropractor pretty low on the totem pole of their priorities until something significant happens in their life that causes them pain or reduces their ability to function in daily life or in activities they enjoy. A chiropractor is a type of healthcare professional that can help you recover from neuromuscular disorders, commonly through treatment of the spine (via spinal manipulations), as well as reduce the likelihood of otherwise preventable medical situations.

1. Highly Effective for Treating Pain

If you’re dealing with a personal injury, whether that’s from auto accidents or natural wear and tear in your life, chiropractic treatment can greatly reduce the pain you’re experiencing. It doesn’t take much looking around online to find studies that promote that individuals with pain find relief from their pain (lower back, headaches, neck pain, and more) through chiropractic treatment.

2. Getting Help from a Chiropractor Is Safe

It’s very common for a chiropractor to help treat patients before severe pain becomes a problem, where spinal adjustments are necessary. Chiropractors are highly trained with extensive schooling and coursework, continue their education on the spine and their industry long after their graduation, and must continue to attend and complete courses to maintain their license.

3. Chiropractic Is Comparably Less Invasive Than Other Treatments

It’s not uncommon to go to a medical doctor for back or neck pain and be prescribed a drug to reduce the pain. Chiropractic treatments on the other hand don’t require the consumptions of drugs, is a non-invasive (as in no cutting of the skin) process, and allows you to avoid the side effects of drugs and surgeries or other treatment options.

4. Helps You Recover from Injuries and Accidents.

Auto accidents are common causes of personal injury like whiplash. Sports and other physical activities can also cause pulled muscles and other problems with the joints. Visiting a chiropractor can help to reduce or eliminate the pain and get you back to a quick recovery.

5. Chiropractic Won’t Disrupt Your Lifestyle

Chiropractic is an outpatient service that can be done on your schedule. Scheduling a visit to your chiropractor won’t mean having to sit out of work or be bedridden for days or weeks at a time. In fact, patients can expect to find relief from their soreness within 24 hours of less - without you having to adjust your lifestyle to work around the complications of other treatment options like surgery.




Contact us today at Smiley Chiropractic to learn more about how a chiropractor can help you in your life, whether you’re dealing with minor soreness or pain from a personal injury from an accident!


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